What is Goodness Force?

Mission20’s Goodness Force (GF) is a volunteer program that engages and empowers youth to promote UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030 in partnership with non-profit, non-governmental, and corporate organizations. The program is open to both youth and adults who are interested in giving back to the community and being part of a like-minded and like-hearted community. GF aims to train and mobilize young people towards social responsibility to create real leaders for a better future. The volunteers of the Goodness Force provides its services primarily within their own region & gets an opportunity to be mobilized for international relief efforts along with UN recognized organizations.

How we do it?

  • We have created a structured and organized approach to manage the Goodness Force volunteer program.
  • We are developing a comprehensive volunteer management system that includes online registration, orientation, training, and regular communication with volunteers.
  • We have established clear guidelines and policies to ensure safety, accountability, and recognition for volunteers.
  • Volunteers can request project-based certificates based on their involvement and hours spent, with a minimum of 30 hours required to request any certificate.
  • Volunteers can also request an overall certificate after completing mandatory hours in any or all projects.
  • We provide volunteers with benefits such as access to training and development programs, volunteer recognition events, and opportunities to earn certificates of participation.
  • We offer incentives such as gift cards, merchandise, and discounts on products and services from our partnering organizations starting 2024.
  • These benefits recognize the hard work of our volunteers and encourage them to continue being a part of the Goodness Force and making a positive impact on the world.

Mission20 Foundation – Who is the mastermind?

Mission20, a youth social enterprise with initiatives that independently focus on humanitarian and social responsibility projects under Mission20 Foundation. With completion of 16 years, starting as a non-profit youth organization for social responsibility in 2007 we have come a long way now. It has been an incredible journey, with countless projects done in the areas of education, health awareness, sports, emergency fundraisers with local charities and community developments & awareness with the support from institutional & corporate sponsors & partners and the incredible potential of Qatar’s youth. We are now tapping the youth energy with a volunteer program & a platform, Goodness Force to increase the youth engagement through community projects, licensed fundraisers, virtual & physical awareness and social events & campaigns aligned with the selected Sustainable Development Goals 2030 of UN (SDG2030).

Mission20 was born in a school, it is our responsibility to provide opportunity to the students & youth