Goodness Force Ambassador: This person is the ultimate leader of the GF in a country / state / region / organization. The person is may or may not hold any administrative position in Mission20’s local or international operations. The GFAmbassador position is a voluntary role & may not include any monetary benefit &would be considered as a key person in the implementation of the policies. The GFAmbassador would report to the Founder or the administrative head/operations coordinator of Mission20 in the region if any. The person would be responsible to administer everything, grow the team, partner with non-profit & for-profit organizations to support various social projects on-ground through the GoodnessForce, training development of the force.

Goodness Force Captain: This position is rotational based on projects & can also be beheld by multiple individuals leading the projects based on different areas or functions. The GF Captain would effectively lead various subgroups for better functioning &impacts. It’s a voluntary position which is given to high performers.

Goodness Force Officer: Every person who voluntarily joins the Goodness Force is the GF Officer.