As a youth organization, we believe that positive change can be brought in society if one decides to change him/herself. Come forward and partner with us for a cause that might shape the future of a less fortunate one because a small step of yours can bring a big change for them. Please come and partner with us as Corporate Partner, Social Responsibility Partner, Community Partner, Charity Partner, and Institution Partner.

Are You an NGO/Charity/Community Organization?

Partnering with the non-profit/non-governmental organization is to support their existing or upcoming projects if they fall under any of the selected sustainable development goals of the UN in every way possible. The partnership would be either done project basis or term basis to provide the voluntary services of Goodness Force (youth volunteers) with the common goal of creating awareness of social responsibility among the youth, giving them opportunities for social service &innovating thoughts for creating solutions to community problems. Many social projects lack impact or may fail due to a lack of hands & minds, Goodness Force is the answer

Are You Organizations/Business?

The partnership of an Organization/Business organization in the youth development and empowerment project is the key in getting the team off the ground through the financial support as an investment towards youth engagement. Organizations that believe in youth as the powerhouse of goodness & has a CSR budget with a youth empowerment focus is welcome to support us. We will ensure that the corporate organization plays an important role in a positive change in the society and along with all necessary exposure of the corporate brand among the youths for their good intentions. If it’s a single partner as a priority would have to fulfill all the expenses &financial needs of managing the Goodness Force in its entirety.

Are You Universities/Colleges?

Partnership with universities/colleges would be for two main reasons, to provide an opportunity for youth to participate in the social projects & jointly organize social projects for youth engagement along with joint leadership & development training. Universities are the best place to raise awareness on various social issues, mainly those in the SDG with the belief that raising awareness among youth can instill positive values among the youth & create a sense of responsibility for the positive change & needed social progress