What GF does?


The Goodness Force volunteer program requires its members to participate in projects related to the selected sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Projects are chosen based on needs, implementation, funding, and availability, and are carried out in partnership with local charities, UN bodies, ministries, or corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects. Members participate in community projects such as teaching, distributing items, and clean-ups, as well as licensed fundraising, awareness campaigns, and social events related to the selected SDGs. The program aims to engage members in meaningful volunteer work that benefits underprivileged communities and promotes sustainable development.

Community Projects

Participates in projects which directly exposes the officers to the beneficiaries & underprivileged communities on-field like teaching, distribution of in-kind items, helping in building structures which require minimum expertise, clean-up of surroundings, food distributions & related projects fulfilling any of the six selected SDG2030.

Assist in raising funds for any cause connected with the selected SDG2030 in partnership with registered NGO/charity or after obtaining necessary permissions. The cause/project & the fundraiser has to be pre-approved by the concerned government authority. Mission20 would provide no support of the Goodness Force for illegal fundraising activities directly or indirectly.



Goodness Force officers would be involved in various awareness activities organized independently or part of any existing initiatives in various physical locations like universities, malls, parks, commercial complexes, stadiums, etc. Constant virtual/digital awareness also to be done on the selected SDG2030 on the social media channels.

Goodness Force officers would actively participate in all types of events connected to any of the selected SDG2030 organized by any of the partnering organizations through structured partnerships or participation.